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    *ĄDrevon St.JamesĄ*
*ĄDon't say you want me, dont say you need me, dont say you love me, It's understood. Dont say you're happy out there I know you cant be 'cause its no goodĄ* And the lamp was turned on in the hotelroom of one of the finer established Inns of Rhydin. His form was now lit and seen leather boots, pants and trench where seen upon his body while a black net shirt played across wide chest condsidering his frame. He stayed seated, breathing was shallow & slow as those chocolate brown orbs where fixed upon his bed & the bare woman in it only scarcely covered in satin sheets. Hand lifted & pushed back the long shoulder length black hair from his face as the woman woke up & turned over. Movements brought the sheets down from her as her words came forth:: ahmm awake already?...::she smirked a bit as her eyes where still glazed over from the events prior. He nodded & placed his hands upon the armrest of the chair & pushed himself up & started to head to the door, casually tossing a question over his shoulder to her while he paused::I'll be back.. want anything.Ą*

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